April 12, 2011


When do you switch running shoes?  Do you go by mileage or feel?  Have you been wearing the same shoes for years?

The traditional recommendation is to change out every 300-500 miles.  When exactly you change out is based on feel.  Since I already track miles on Daily Mile, I also track my gear there so I know exactly how many miles they've run.  But today, I used a new determinant:


Guess which pair is new.

My current shoes smell SO bad, it was time for a switch.  Though they were shy of 400 miles, they've been through a lot.  Just carrying them outside to take this picture required holding my breath.

Even I have limits.


  1. You were totally justified in getting new shoes. Those old ones were gross!

  2. Wow - those are pretty disgusting! Good decision! Plus - you're going to be going to Seattle - you simply CAN'T move the stinky shoes with you . . . puke-o-rama . . . can you imagine opening that box when you go to unpack!!!! Enjoy your new beauties - what kind are they?

  3. I used to adhere to every-500-miles but now I go by feel... And am still running in shoes from 2009.