April 10, 2011

Gulf Coast Half Marathon

I'll wait to give the full race report until the official pictures come back, but I will tell you that the race went well.  I accidentally came within 1 minute & 5 seconds of my half marathon PR.  Seriously.  This was definitely an accident.

My plan was to take it nice & easy.  A couple reasons why:

1.  The weather was hot and muggy.  A bank flashed 74 degrees as we arrived before sunrise.  Felt a smidge like doing a duathlon with both the swim & run at the same time.  Besides, this was intended merely as a training run for Nashville.  Don't go crazy.  Just do the miles.

2.  My Garmin decided to not turn on this morning.  This is the second time it's done this ever.  Last time was the Little Rock Marathon.  I even checked to make sure it was charged last night, so I have no effing clue what happened and am kinda pissed since it's only 7 months old.  It wouldn't even turn on for a second to show me it was a dead battery (that is, until after the race.)

3.  I was in costume.  Sorta.  Not a full costume, but Goldilocks & I found some killer $1 bunny ears at Walmart that were too good to pass up.  Added to this, we made some clever signs to pin on our backs.  It was a big hit:
Goldilocks & I

The ears were kinda a pain to keep steady until 3-4 miles in when my hair was nice & sweaty - gave it a little grip.  Let me just say that there is nothing so gratifying as passing a ton of people when you're in costume and they're not.  Plus, on an out-and-back course, it's a huge boost to see the smiles on people's faces as they catch sight of the ears.  You can't help but smile yourself.

Ever run in costume or get a boost from someone who did?


  1. You are the MOST creative when it comes to signs on backs - seriously, where do you come up with them. I totally want to be fun and inspiring to people during a race . . .

    Great job coming so close to your PR - how awesome!!!

    Girl - you DM says you have done 3423 miles - wowzers!!!!!!!!

  2. awesome! love that you dress up too. And I agree-people loved my tutu’s. Constant smiles and laughs and cheers. looking forward to the rest of the race report!

  3. Congrats!! I am one of your peeps


  4. I. love. that. back. sign!!! Priceless! Congrats on the Half and sorry about the Garmin! You def should send it in to be looked at! Grrr!!!!

  5. I wore a Tutu to my St Pattys day race & loved it! It was awesome to hear people shouting out to me.

    I love your peep sign!

  6. love pcola and congrats! i hate my garmin at times too... those things are never reliable--- i'm praying my works this weekend. maybe i will see you out there :)