April 17, 2011

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez

Today,  2 exciting things:

1.  My friends & I will be going out to cheer on the New Orleans 70.3.  The plan is to bring a cooler & fill it with all sorts of deliciousness.  Then hang out and cheer people on as we drink.  (No open container laws in New Orleans.)  What better way to enjoy the beautiful weather & recover from yesterday's long run than to cheer on some athletes while sipping alcoholic beverages.  We've also got some killer signs, but you're gonna have to wait til the pictures are back to find out what they are.  Let's just say: we're brilliant.

It's neck and neck with
"Running - Cheaper than therapy."
2.  I may have found a new favorite running shirt.  It's particularly helpful now that there's been a new study about the usefulness of beer as a rehydration solution.  I thought about looking up the actual study to review the science and decided against it.  I don't want to know if they're wrong.


  1. That shirt was made for me! :) When I did NO 70.3 I had a blog post of the same name, such a fun race. One of these years I'll do it again!

  2. Have fun - the runners will appreciate your cheers, I'm sure!!!

  3. Where can I get that shirt? Have a blast spectating--I love to do that almost as much as racing.

  4. i really really want that shirt! totally my philosophy. after exercising this morning and running errands, i was like, "finally, now i can have a drink!" :)

  5. I always drink a beer before an event. It helps to sleep. At least that is my excuse and I am sticking to it. :-)