April 25, 2011

Holier Than Thou

And I don't mean blessed.  Here's some of the holes I've noticed this week:

The crotch of my favorite running shorts.
I've worn these for almost every race.

My Road ID shoe pouch.
Needless to say, I get a little worried about my keys sometimes.
The hole on my heel.
I have a matching (larger, still intact) blister on my left foot
but it looked somehow even more pathetic on camera.
Photos never do justice to blisters.

Here's to hoping your day is less holey than mine.


  1. Girl - you need to enter some blog give aways . . . and quickly!!!! Maybe visit http://www.forwardfootstrides.com/
    she has a list of giveaways along the left sidebar. Maybe you can win a new road id shoe pouch, new shorts, and well, some new socks (pretty sure you're stuck with your own heel).

  2. I think you've worn some of those things enough to warrent buying some new gear!
    I used to wear shorts and the like until the bitter end. Until, one day, when I was in grad school, I decided to go to the gym on campus. The one where all my students go, too.
    And I wore a pair of really old shorts. That were really worn.
    And I bent over to stretch.
    And my pants didn't bend with me. Instead, they ripped down the back.
    So I had to go to the student store to buy some more, my pants now being fit only for a stripper's 'after' picture with their tear-aways.
    And, it being the fashion at the time, had to walk out of the student store in a pair of short shorts with 'UNC' emblazoned across the ass.
    Don't let this happen to you!

  3. HA! Those shorts look like mine. I refuse to give them up though, and think someday they will rip all the way through and shorts will become running skirt. Thankfully the under-britches part seems intact.

  4. I wore a jog bra for over a year that had a huge peek-a-boo hole where the logo had torn off.

  5. My heels have permanent, huge brown scars on them from years of not wearing the right socks while running. Woops!

  6. ouch on the foot hole. and that hole in your shorts, well that's just impressive!