January 31, 2011

Why Small Races Rock...

I had planned on running the First Light Marathon in Mobile, AL this past January.  It's driving distance from where I live (albeit a long-ish drive) and it was relatively cheap.  So I paid for it in the fall before I knew my schedule.  As luck would have it, I couldn't make the race.  I was invited for some exciting interviews that put me across the country the weekend of the race.

Much to my surprise, yesterday in the mail I received a package from L'Arche Mobile, the group that sponsored the race.  Inside, I found a long sleeve shirt from the event & a check with a partial refund for my entry fees.
Cute, no?

Let me make this clear... In case you don't know anything about L'Arche, it's a fantastic organization that supports and advocates for adults with developmental disabilities.  When I couldn't make the race, I figured no big deal.  The money goes to a great cause.  And they refunded my fees.  Being poor, I was super excited about getting money in the mail.  But for all the money I pay toward Rock N' Roll or other expensive races, they aren't donating to admirable causes.  (Races may be fun, but they ain't charity.)  So, I'm going to donate my refund back to L'Arche.  They showed me some unexpected kindness.  I figure that the least I can do is show the same to them.

Small races are so often run by great people & great volunteers.  How do you show your gratitude?


  1. That is so nice of you! And them! Just niceness all around!

  2. i ran that race (I grew up in mobile). that was the one thing i loved about it-the $$ went to charity. and very true about RNR-while i love their races-they definitely do not give back to charity-unless you fundraise to run their race. as far as showing gratitude-i always try to thank the volunteers and i try and volunteer at races that i am not running.