January 20, 2011


I don't think I'm the only one who has this problem.  It's not something that happens on every run.  But if it  happens once I know I'm in for more.  I'm referring to the phenomenon of burping a little vomit.

Ah... the joys of running.

On my 19 miler Tuesday it must have happened a dozen times or more.  Enough times that it was on my mind.  (If it's just once or twice I forget about it pretty quickly.)  All this thought - and not wanting to think about my tired legs - led me to name the phenomenon.  I think it deserves a name, don't you?  And henceforth, I shall refer to it as:
burp + barf = burfing

Sounds better than burmit (a failed Muppets character) or vomurp (a swamp creature).  So burfing it is.  I"ll leave you with a benediction:  May all your runs be free of burfing.

See... even Calvin burfed.


  1. Oh yeah, totally guilty of this! Gotta love how glamorous being a runner is!

  2. Ok you had me laughing pretty hard from this post!

    "burmit (a failed Muppets character)" = GENUIS!

  3. I use vurped! Either way - guilty!

  4. I guess its better than sharting right?

  5. @ Nitmos: Ahahaha! So true. WAY better than sharting!