January 19, 2011

Do as I say, not as I do

If anyone I remotely cared about asked me about what they should do after a couple weeks of missed runs and travels, I would have told them to take it easy.  Ease back into things.  If you jump right back into your routine after missing too many runs you risk injury.

So what did I do?  Ran 38 miles in 3 days.  After missing a gazillion runs, I decided to put my long run & two of my medium length runs 3 days in a row.  What can I say?  I have 12 hour shifts everyday for the foreseeable future and the idea of running a 10 miler after work was less appealing that pushing through today.  My legs are not going to let me forget the stupidity of it, but I think I fortunately avoided injury other than a couple small blisters and some chafed skin.

The best part of my run was when I got the trots.  Yup.  Always an adventure.  Looping back towards a park where there is a bathroom, I started getting increasingly concerned about how much further it was.  My legs felt like lead and my stomach was not happy.  Trying to gauge how much longer I had, I glanced down at my Garmin to see this:

Ahhh!  6.66?  When I've got the trots!?!  I'm not superstitious, but when you've got bathroom on the brain I don't need any bad luck.  Lucky for me, the park was around mile 7 so I pushed my lead legs as fast as they could go and made it in the nick of time.

A little trick I used to get through the run was something I've mentioned before.  Smile!  Every time I felt a grimace across my face I would force a smile.  So simple, but it really works.  You can't help but end up with a real smile.  Especially if you start with a goofy smirk:

Don't try this around small children.
They might cry.


  1. Nice!!!! Glad you made it to the bathroom - glad you smiled your way through the lead legs and pain. You might be nuts, but way to go on getting such mileage accomplished!!!

  2. This made me lol. We must have the same Garmin bc mine says that all the freaking time. Way to keep a smile on your face though! I probably would have had a look that would have made children cry!

  3. Dude! That happened to me right after I passed the second to last bathroom at the race last weekend. It was like 4 miles to the next one and I had to stop and walk twice b/c my stomach was cramping up. Good times, haha!

  4. Lol! LOVE the garmin, we've all been there and it's not fun! Nice work surviving :)

  5. The Garmin watch photo is great. I laughed my butt off.


  6. The trots suck...but you are a beast for looping all those sessions together for back to back to back days...hope DOMS isn't too bad!