January 18, 2011

Growing Pains

You know those runs when you hit your distance goal and stop immediately, even when you have a couple blocks left to get home?  Um, yeah.  That would be me today.

The last few months have been crazy.  I've spent less than a week at home since November and have driven & flown thousands of miles around the country for interviews.  I managed to cram a couple runs and walks into my schedule while in Seattle (ouch! hills!) but that was about it.  Now I keep switching night & day shifts while working in the ER and it's messing me up.  Luckily I had yesterday & today off, along with tomorrow.  (Not that I'm counting, but I'll be done with ER in precisely 10.5 days.)  Taking full advantage of the time off I ran 9 miles at pace yesterday & 19 miles today.

How did that go?  Um... You know those runs when you hit your distance goal and stop immediately?  (Did I already ask that?)  I definitely hit 19.00 miles and walked the last few blocks.  And ran into a couple friends on the run & made a point to stop and say hello.  And ask how they're doing.  And chat about the weather.  But other than that, it was awesome.

There's something about being stressed & squeezing a run into your hectic day.  Nothing can compare.  How's your running going?

ps.  You know if you google "zen runner," this is what you get?
Awesome.  Now that's some zen.


  1. Awesome! That pic is how I usually look at the end of a race! Or at least how I feel!

  2. I've definitely had those runs. And right now I'm feeling slightly similar to that picture....although even more goofy looking.

  3. Good on you - 19 miles on tired legs. They call those B-2-B (back to back) in the ultra circles.

  4. I need to get back into a more steady running routine. I have been slacking in the winter.


  5. Way to get it done...back-to-back miles like that go a long way!

  6. Nothing bad to stop a workout to say hello and to chat about the weather but not during a tempo run.

  7. Wow - 9 and then 19? Great job! I would have stopped as soon as I was done too!! :)

  8. great comment you posted on my blog - thanks for the reminder about not regretting doing a run, but usually regretting the ones not done.

    Also, quick question - why on earth were you googling zen running?? intersting choice for a google. SMILE!

    19 miles - that's pretty amazing given your last few months. Girl -you're awesome!