November 3, 2010

Hump Day

In case you're feeling the mid-week slump, here are 5 running-related things I love to help you stay positive:

1.  The scenery.  And I don't just mean the scenery... that's nice, too, of course.  But it's a lot easier mentally to get passed by someone when they look like this (and you get to keep watching them while they run off.)
Of course, it's also easy mentally to get passed by Dean Karnazes
being that he's a machine.  (One that's very nice to look at.)

2.  The zen.  We've all gone on a run while angry, sad, frustrated or upset and come back feeling better.  Sometimes that's because we were able to think everything through and discovered a solution.  Sometimes we merely ran so hard that we're too tired to be upset anymore.  But something about the act of running usually makes it better.

Running in a friend at her 1st half-marathon
3.  The camaraderie.  Many of us have running groups or partners that get us out the door even on days when we don't want to run.  They cheer us on at races or give us the confidence to challenge ourselves.  If you're at a race and confess it's your first, most people are super supportive, welcome you and may even give some tips for the distance or course.  There's something about runners... overall they're pretty good people.

4.  The indulgence.  We've all done it.  You're so healthy all the time and then Halloween rolls around.  Or the holidays.  Or your birthday.  Or Wednesday.  And you get to rationalize a little indulgence.  Maybe what does it for you is a decadent slice of chocolate cake or perhaps it's a burger with fries.  There's that moment of hesitation, thinking "I shouldn't."  And then you think, "What the heck, I just ran X miles so why not?"  Mmmm.

5.  The street cred.  Let's throw humility out the window for a minute.  We've all had a day when you mentioned your recent fast 5k or 20 mile long run and people are genuinely impressed, regardless of your time or how many water stops you made.  Often we write it off.  It's easy to think about how much more we want to improve or what went wrong.  Yet you gotta admit that it feels pretty good.  I do get out there and run more than the average American can run.  And I am proud.

Note:  This is the only definition from Urban Dictionary that really
applies in this case.  The others are merely hilarious.

What gets you out there and why do you keep running?


  1. Hah! I love the list. In reference to #1, I feel like my form always gets better and I suck in my tummy just a bit more when a hot dude runs by! That's why summer running is the best, sunglasses hide all the staring! :)

  2. I like #4 and yes to #5. Bragging rights! haha! ;p

  3. Nice list. I like all 5. Re: #1: Its mutual ya know!

  4. Of course I love #3- that was such a happy moment for me! And there are definitely days that the only thing that gets my rear off the couch is knowing that someone is waiting for me at the park or the gym!
    But I think #2 is my biggest motivator. The best way for me to get out of a bad mood is to go for a run or at least hit the gym. Since I became a runner, my mental outlook has improved at least as much as the shape I'm in.

  5. Zen and running buddies for sure! I run too slow for much cred and the distance doesn't get me any respect in this town. WAY too full of bad-asses...

  6. Love the list! I agree with each one. #3 has been on my mind (and plate!) a lot lately. Ready to clean up my act!