November 12, 2010

A Few of My Favorite Things

First off, thanks for all the great ideas for reigning in the pace on runs.  I may try the HR monitor idea (very popular in the triathlon world, it seems).  I'll have to read up on it more before I dive in, but it sounds like it works.  And slowing down my music?  So obvious I didn't think about it.  May even try it this weekend if I need it.

Speaking of... Sunday is going to be amazing.  First off, I'll be running the Pensacola Marathon.  As I mentioned before, I'll be using it as a long run where I don't have to carry my own water (BONUS!) and I have a lot more company than usual.  It's actually supposed to be a pretty small race, just a couple hundred running the marathon, but even a handful of spectators is more than zero.  I'll take it.  I leave Saturday and will be staying in the cheapest motel within driving distance of the race.  Should be classy.  At least it has free wi-fi so I can hassle you people while I'm there.

Po-Boy Fest 2009
(2 beers taste better than 1)
Then, upon my return home I will be greeted by the New Orleans Po-Boy Preservation Festival.  (Mighta mentioned this before, too.)  And by greeted, I mean that I'm a little worried I won't find parking when I get back since the festival is only a few blocks from my house.  Last year the whole neighborhood was gridlocked and it gets bigger every year.  Who can resist a festival celebrating food?  As long as I don't have to walk miles on my weary legs I'll be happily stuffing my face with po-boys and beer.  I'm one of those "I run so I can eat" people and marathons mean being extra indulgent.  I can eat even more delicious food and not feel guilty.  Now that's what I call "post-race nutrition."

And last, but certainly not least, running Pensacola will qualify me as a Marathon Maniac!  I'll be the "lowest" level (Bronze) having completed 3 marathons in 90 days.  You better believe I'll finish Pensacola, come hell or high water, but since I'm saving my legs for CIM I'm planning on taking it nice and easy.

Even if I'm slow, that still means po-boys.  And beer.  Priorities.  Seriously.

How do you treat yourself after a big race?


  1. Jen,
    I will try the brocc/ice cream combo if you do:)
    GOOD LUCK at your race on Sunday!! I seriously can't wait for the recap!! I am jealous of your food festival....we are so alike.... after a race you couldn't pay me to walk around unless it is for FOOD!
    We love classy cheap motels too ha!

  2. Good luck at pcola. i love that little race. I'm going to the po-boy fest too! we should so meet up! i live a few blocks away. anyway kick some bootie!

  3. Have fun...good luck...and how cool is it that the festival is in your own hood?

  4. Good luck & have fun!!

    After a big race I treat myself to something fabulous to eat & a few cocktails!

  5. Good luck, Ms. Future Marathon Maniac.

    After a race, I eat. After my half marathon in Oct, I actually went and got myself a yummy bowl of tempura udon and sushi. :)

    Po-boys sounds delicious. I always love shrimp and catfish po-boys. My friends and I used to joke in college, "Even when I have a rich boy, I'll still wanna po-boy!"

  6. Congrats on becoming a Marathon Maniac! What a huge accomplishment.

  7. Marathon Maniac?! Who knew that was a real term??! I love it! Congrats to you. And of course, good luck to you tomorrow. You'll do great, you maniac! :)

  8. Marathon + food festival = best day *ever*

    Good luck!