February 9, 2011


They formed underneath my clothes where I left them to dry.  I waited to run today until a friend got home from work.  I was glad to wait and I wasn't.  The bad news is that it looked like this outside:
Like this, except if you are on the other side of the glass.

The good news is that I had the best run I've had in a while.  The pace was relaxed but steady.  We ran through Audubon Park after dark - something that I would never do alone but have grown to appreciate with company.  The rain, cold & wind were a bit brutal at the start and I never fully regained feeling in my fingers until I took a shower.  But despite doubling the distance I had planned for the day, my legs felt fantastic.

With the Mercedes Marathon Sunday and a lot of missed runs behind me, I needed this little boost.  Now I can't wait to head to Birmingham.  But hopefully there I'll find less puddles.

Shorts & shoes.  A bit wet.

I may have *slightly* enhanced the puddles, but only to make their full glory more apparent.  How do you feel about running in the rain?


  1. You mean that's not the original color of the puddles? I feel cheated!

    I love running in the rain as long as it isn't cold outside. A good summer rain is more refreshing than anything else :)

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  3. Well done running in the crappy rain! I LOVE short rain runs, but despise long ones. I'd much rather run long in the snow. You get less wet...up here anyway...

  4. Agree on the rain. When it's warm it's amazing, cold not so much! Nice job getting out there!

  5. Rain, not so bad. Downpour? No thanks.

  6. Love the rain when it's not cold and I'm bad and run at Audubon at night.... U running this weekend?

  7. Meh, when I lived in KC I didn't mind it at all. But, now that I'm in AZ, I think I'd die if I ran in the rain.

    AZ has made me soft. :(