December 30, 2010

Sense of Humor

The Cleveland Marathon's facebook page recently polled people for the best humorous running shirts they've seen.  I got a good laugh from a few of them.  My favorites?

I thought they said "Rum"

I like "I eat miles for breakfast" better, but this was the
only picture I could find.
And last but not least:
"If found on ground please drag across finish line"

Seen any good ones lately?


  1. This one is more Ironman triathlon related, but I like it: Front: "You run marathons? How cute!" Back: "140.6"

    (not putting down marathons at all! I have yet to do one....)

  2. At the women's half marathon, GoGirl was at the race expo and they had the BEST shirt (for slow people like me). It was a white shirt with green print and said "Remember the turtle won" and had a picture of a turtle. BondiBands was there too and they had a white band with green print that had a picture of a turtle that said "Wanna Race?"
    That's totally perfect for me!

  3. I saw a ton of them during Twin Cities Marathon but now I can't remember any of them. I had a headband the saying on the T-Shirt above "If found on the ground, drag across the finish line". I love it!