October 15, 2010

Recovery? What's that?

With a marathon less than 1 week behind me, I'm already looking forward to my next race:  Middendorf's Manchac 10 Mile Race.  It's hosted by the New Orleans Track Club and Middendorf's, a Louisiana seafood restaurant.  Food after the race features Middendorf's famous fried catfish.  Real healthy.  This is what it's like trying to run & stay healthy in New Orleans.  Most races here often feature beer at the finish line and the Mardi Gras Marathon even has a water station that offers beer around mile 6.  Seriously.

Other than the constant battle to eat healthy while experiencing New Orleans, there's the battle over what to do this weekend.  I want to race.  And I don't mean show up to the race, I meann, I want to run like I'm racing.  See what I can do.  But everyone says you should ease yourself back into speed when you've run a marathon.  And I realize that this race is much less important than my upcoming marathon in December.  I certainly don't want to sabotage myself.  But it's so hard!  Ahhh!

Ever find yourself with 2 competing desires for a race?  What did you do?

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