October 18, 2010

Gravity: 1 Me: 0

Today was my bonus day off.  My current boss (it's always changing in med school) had a ton of meetings today, so she had pity on me and gave me a long weekend.  Which is awesome mostly because I needed the extra free time to do all the things I haven't done over the last month.  Unfortunately, I still didn't get to my laundry.  Clean clothes are over-rated anyway.  But I did get to enjoy girls' night last night and splurge on pizza, wine and cookies.  So much for healthy eating.

So today I hopped back on the saddle and got in some quality workouts after running non-stop errands all morning.  Yesterday I'd been kinda sore and took it easy, so I was looking forward to a good workout today.  And as I rushed to head over to the gym, I slipped and took a tumble down the stairs.  Apparently I'm a little gravity impaired.  No major injuries (except the one to my ego) and no bruises yet, but my left ankle is definitely feeling a little sore.  And as an added bonus, I biked to the gym only to realize that I'd left my bike lock at home.  Some days you just can't win.

At least I got an extra 2 miles in?

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