May 17, 2011

Joggling Life

Sorry for my recent absence.  And sadly, this is likely not the end of my dereliction of duty.  In the past week or so, I've:

  • Found an apartment in Seattle
  • Went home for my grandfather's funeral
  • Turned 30
  • Graduated from medical school
  • Entertained my family
  • Packed up all of my belongings

Tomorrow I hit the road for a couple weeks of family time and then head to Seattle from there.  These are exciting times but busy.  I've been squeezing runs into my schedule when & where I can.  Sometimes my "training" schedule is fairly haphazard but I definitely need those runs to maintain my sanity.  (Yesterday my mom practically pushed me out the door to run because I was getting grouchy.)  I'm beginning to think I should take up joggling in order to be able to squeeze more things into my schedule.

What happens when you get busy?  Do the runs get cut out or is that when the runs are a must have?


  1. For me, busy times are the times when I really need to run. It's my time to get away from all of the stress and pressure, and sort everything out in my head. Even if it's only a 3 miler, because I'm pushed for time. Running makes everything better/easier, in my opinion!

  2. Pay yourself first. Get the runs in early and everything will fall into place. BTW – have you ever looked at the joggling world records? Sub-17 5k and 2:50 marathon! Wow.

  3. Holy Socks!!! Well done...sorry about your grandfather...happy birthday!!...congratulations. Good luck with the move. I know you'll enjoy Seattle.

  4. What a HUGE amount of HUGE life events have occurred in your world. I'm sorry to hear about your grandfather, they are special people in our lives. Congrats on graduating medical school - woot! Enjoy your family time and time off and good luck on your move. Don't forget us bloggy friends now, and know we'll be wishing you all the best for a safe and happy transition to Seattle!!!

  5. congrats on graduation and good luck on the move! when i get busy i squeeze running in over lunch. otherwise i end up yelling at people... so you know... running is good.

  6. A lot of events. Sorry for the grandfather.
    Happy birthday and congrats.
    Nothing can stop my running! Indeed only the injures.....

  7. I would run small amounts. It might not seem like you have enough time but, if you don't, you end up getting grouchy and the rest of your work/commitments/etc suffer!