About Me

For most of my life, running was a punishment.  In gym class, after losing a soccer game, during volleyball camp... if things weren't going well, you had to run.  No.  Fun.  Runs were something I tended to associate with a lot of pain.

But when I decided to go to medical school after 2 years in the Peace Corps, I found that stress was omnipresent and I needed some dedicated time when I couldn't study.  Time where I could organize my thoughts, enjoy the beauty of nature, and find some peace.  Though I was in relatively good shape, I ran my first race in 2008 - a 2 mile "fun run" sponsored by a bar where I used to work - and I felt like I was going to die.  I also found myself thinking that I wanted to do that again.

Glutton for punishment?  Masochistic?  Maybe, a little.  (I did go to med school, after all.)  But I also find that running offers both a peacefulness and an opportunity to push myself beyond what I thought was possible.  2 years later, I have finally started to feel comfortable calling myself a runner.  A marathoner, even.  At this point I have 4 marathons under my belt and I'm constantly looking the next challenge.  I hope you'll join me on my journey.