May 5, 2011

It must be true...

I was sent an article the other day about rehydrating after races.  I thought about looking up the original article to confirm, and then decided I'd rather not look at the hard facts.  I don't want to find any flaws in their logic.

Water is always a good choice to rehydrate after working out, but researchers suggest beer is better

Talk about good news!  Now they just need to study gorging on Easter candy as a method for carb-loading.  I know how I'm going to rehydrate after the Seattle RnR Marathon...


  1. I just KNOW gorging on Easter candy is the best carbing technique. How could it not?

  2. Phew I am the best at rehydrating ever.

  3. Couldn't margaritas work too? I mean they are frozen and full of carbs - definitely a win win for a warm weather race - both rehydrating and cooling off!!!! Just a suggestion for those future researchers out there looking for a potential research project - ha!