May 1, 2011

26.2 Gallon Hat

Sorry for the poor quality.  My camera's dead
so I had to take it with a phone.
Yesterday was the first time I wore a costume during a full marathon.  I like to call it my 26.2 gallon hat.  It was a hot one, the sun beating down, yet the day felt cooler than New Orleans since there wasn't much humidity.  With the shade provided by our hats it felt kinda nice.  Full race report once the official photos are back.

I hope everyone else's races or workouts went well this weekend!


  1. were you running with someone else??? cause i saw two girls with hats like that, i think the other was yellow. if so, i totally saw you! lol

  2. I like you 26.2 gallon hat! Cute! Would be a BIG hit in Texas too, I think! Looks like you're smiling - that's always good to see when discussing a marathon. Safe travels back!

  3. You earned that big 'ole hat! Congrats!

  4. Holy cow, you ran in that???!! amazing