April 18, 2011

Race Recap: Gulf Coast Half Marathon

See?  Great scenery!  Wait...
Is that a port-a-potty?
1.  The medal is a bottle opener.  Need I say more?

2.  You're running in a beautiful location.  Not that we could really see it because it was (thankfully) overcast and misty most of the morning.  But the background noise was the calming crash of waves and the scent of salt water was in the air.  And as you can see (right) they thoughtfully put the photographers at particularly scenic locations.

3.  Post-race Party?  Great.  Plenty of red beans & rice, beer (Land Shark), bagels and bananas at the finish line.  I went back to run Goldilocks to the finish and her pace is a bit slower.  We didn't hit the post-race party until 3+ hours after the start but there was still food & beer.  Unfortunately for her, that's never a guarantee at her pace so we were psyched they didn't run out early.  OH!  And as a special bonus, everyone got laid at the finish line.  Or is it lei'd?  I always mix those up.

Looks like I just jumped out of a pool

1.  It was HOT!  A bank sign said was 74 degrees before sunrise on our way to the race.  Plus a ga-jillion % humidity.  I was sweating before we started.  The webpage advertised that the average temperature at the start is 57 degrees.  Liars.

Goldilocks & I.
*Note that my shorts are SOAKING and
plastered to my legs.  SEXY!

2.  Almost no spectators.  We were basically running on the ONE road on the island so not much traffic could get through.  I actually didn't mind the calm, but a lot of people did.  If you want people cheering, this race isn't for you.

Lemon-Lime Gatorad-ita
Patent pending.

3.  No Gu <shrug> and the Gatorade was mixed SUPER strong.  But with all that we were sweating this probably wasn't a bad thing.  If you salted the rim & added tequila, we would have had some tasty margaritas.  (I thought of it first! Don't try to steal credit!)

Good race.  A bit pricey.  Quiet.  Great post-party.

As an added bonus, this guy was labelled as me.
Our numbers weren't even close.
Too bad I didn't get a picture of a male model...


  1. Haha! Love the recap! And I'm really impressed that you can run in humidity. Any amount of heat or humidity and I'm soggy toast. Looks like you made the most of it!

  2. the humidity came way to early!! sounds like a fun race-but i would have expected more crowd support. hmm. love that the medal is a bottle opener!

  3. Blech hot and humid is tough! Way to push thru!

  4. First, I just have to say that the first proof photo you posted (taken by the pros I'm thinking) has porta johns in the background - REALY!!!! Who thought that would make a great photo . . . aren't they professionals??? It's a great pix of you, but dorks for poor background choice!!!

    Second, you LOOK SOOO SWEATY!!!! Wow - that almost looks dangerously hot!

    Glad there was still food for your friend at 3 hours - that's when I finish and it is often questionable what will be left.

  5. Congrats - sounds like a good race with a great party. I think that is typical of all FL races.