February 17, 2011

Mercedes Marathon in Pictures

This week has been crazy and won't settle down until Sunday at the earliest.  So with no further ado, here are (some of the many) pictures from the Mercedes Marathon.  They tell the story as well as any words.

And we're off.

Finish line in sight.

I promise to muster up a true race report soon.  Short story:  great race.


  1. Okay girl - here are my thoughts:
    1. Did you reapply lipstick before the finish line photo? Because that is definitely the BEST finish line photo I've ever seen. You totally look like you just have been sitting around having coffee all day - NOT like you just ran a marathon!!!!! Rock it, chica!
    2. Love the fist pump in the air pose for the photos - I'm totally going to add that to my repertoire - I seem to always have a thumbs up - not any more . . . I'm gonna mix it up with a fist pump :)
    3. Looks like it was a GREAT race for you. Congratulations!!!!!!!

  2. Haha! No lipstick. I think it's just the funky lighting. (Ugh... the idea of lipstick mixed with Gu on the run... Bleh! I'm not that fancy.)

  3. You look calm and relaxed for the entire race. If you mix up the photos it would be tough to tell the beginning from the middle from the end.


  4. you take way better pictures than i do. i always end up making an awkward pose of sorts.