March 19, 2011

The Fam

Right now my mom, sister & an old friend are visiting.  They were awesome enough to come to New Orleans for Match Day and were able to share the moment with me when I found out I'm heading to Seattle for the rest of my training.  Let's just say I've been walking on air since Thursday.

They're in town until Monday morning, so I won't be writing any long winded posts for a couple more day.  (No pictures either.  They're still sleeping & I don't want to wake them to go get my camera.)

I hope you're all having wonderful days.  Enjoy the weekend ahead of you!


  1. Have a great time with them all. I love having family visit my "turf."

  2. You just started hill training 100% of the time. You will be a beast!

  3. Family visits are always awesome - especially if they can be combined with major life events like match day!
    Hope they will visit you in Washington as well!
    Our weather here is beautiful so hoping yours is too - enjoy your weekend together!

  4. Moving to Seattle for a few years?? So neat!! I have always wanted to move somewhere outside of Ohio, where I have lived my whole life, and I know Seattle is such a gorgeous city. Post lots of pics :)

    Enjoy the time with your family and friend! I love it when visitors come in from out of town. It's an excuse to go out and see some things I may have never seen.

  5. congrats on your match. seattle, soooooo jealous. that will be amazing, enjoy!

  6. Seattle is such a great city...congrats!